D. You get to have lunch with me every so often. I'm three blocks from Arlington Station in one direction and you're three in the other.
Uhm - did I just list that as your alphabetical fourth "problem"?
--YELAS Fri Jan 26 15:16:32 2007
Hey, my not having "shopped around" was the reason I didn't buy that $165,000 house two years ago. Now, every house I could realistically buy is at least $200,000, and I can no longer afford it, even though that house was perfect in every way and even had a pool, provided of course I didn't miss any pending maintenance nightmare.
--Nick B Fri Jan 26 16:23:25 2007
Also, there's the idea that as soon as you get a job, you start looking for your next job, in case you find one that's slightly better. I haven't done that, but Penn Jillette talked about it on his radio show.
--Nick B Fri Jan 26 16:24:30 2007
Congrats on the new job! Maybe after another month you'll be bored enough to actually want to work?
--Candi Sat Jan 27 05:59:05 2007
Well, currently I have a myth about myself that I'm really good at coming up with and doing interesting little projects for myself, many online.

So even if a month was enough for me to get bored, I wouldn't admit it.

But seriously, you'd have to be pretty damn bored to be craving 8 hour days again. Maybe part-time stuff, but those jobs are notably rare in the tech sector.
--Kirk Sat Jan 27 09:31:35 2007
Congratulations on the job! And there's nothing wrong with yanking up a good job.

BTW, what's up with the Logan stuff? Kirk not your real first name?
--The_Lex Mon Jan 29 08:15:28 2007
Kirk is my real first name, but I went through a time in middle school when I went by my middle name Logan.

If Logan were my real first name, my unix login probably would have been lisrael, and... hmm, well this site might be called something different, because lisrael sounds too much like listerene, or at least lacks the solid K sound I've been so grooving over the past decade or two.
--Kirk Mon Jan 29 09:53:24 2007

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