if they should bar wars, please let these star wars stay
When did you stumble on the Star Wars retcon? I stumbled on it through another person's blog. Just wondering, on an academic level, just how this whole viral thing works. . .or is it just coincidence?
--The_Lex Mon Jan 29 08:10:24 2007
Well it might be the influence of boingboing, which posted some recently. Though I link back to kisrael circa 2002, where it was probably one of the prequels coming out that put that stuff back out into the memepool.
--Kirk Mon Jan 29 09:50:45 2007
So getting back to your viral question... boingboing is a typhoid mary for this kind of stuff.
--Kirk Mon Jan 29 09:51:23 2007
Huh. . .I've heard boingboing a lot, but I've never visited it.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 30 08:02:33 2007

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