if they should bar wars, please let these star wars stay
When did you stumble on the Star Wars retcon? I stumbled on it through another person's blog. Just wondering, on an academic level, just how this whole viral thing works. . .or is it just coincidence?
--The_Lex Mon Jan 29 08:10:24 2007
Well it might be the influence of boingboing, which posted some recently. Though I link back to kisrael circa 2002, where it was probably one of the prequels coming out that put that stuff back out into the memepool.
--Kirk Mon Jan 29 09:50:45 2007
So getting back to your viral question... boingboing is a typhoid mary for this kind of stuff.
--Kirk Mon Jan 29 09:51:23 2007
Huh. . .I've heard boingboing a lot, but I've never visited it.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 30 08:02:33 2007
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--qrdtowp sfapz Mon Feb 5 23:15:08 2007
Superbe site Ketty et quelle meeveillruse varie9te9 de mode8les. La majorite9 des photos associent les articles e0 vendre avec des objets de tous les jours, ce qui permet d' e9valuer leur carrure. Bonne continuation!
--Efe Thu Apr 5 17:53:00 2012
Capt Bruce, we had a great trip! Mahalos for letting us be the first on the Fortune! Great time finsihg, great crew great boat!How do you post pictures?
--Jamaes Mon Mar 4 23:44:56 2013

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