a city under siege: boston and the lite-brite invasion
O 4 Chrisakes! It's a litebrite you bureaucratic nimrods. Give these guys a schmack or 2 and let's all get back to work. Geezus. 
--Liza Null Thu Feb 1 12:12:10 2007
Kibo knows someone who's in jail because of this.
--Nick B Thu Feb 1 12:26:42 2007
i've met kibo!
--FoSO Thu Feb 1 12:36:53 2007
The signs were attached magnetically.
--Randall Thu Feb 1 14:28:41 2007
Do you think Al Qaeda is the only bomb builders? Kaczynski, McVeigh and an unknown host of other people have figured it out too.
I can imagine the hew and cry if one of those gadgets had been a bomb, the officials hadn't taken seriously.
In the philly burbs, there have been a series of hair trigger pipe bombs discovered, over the last several years. They were built and planted by a person or persons unknown.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Feb 1 18:22:20 2007
I saw a video somewhere, maybe here at kisrael, of an artist (certainly in Europe somewhere) attaching a metal briefcase to the side of a subway train using magnets, and the briefcase contained a projector that beamed pictures of jumping fish and the like onto the tunnel wall as the train was in the dark. Pretty nice, right up until you consider the massive security freakout we'd have if someone attached a briefcase to the side of a subway car here in the US.

Then I remember that in London, they don't have public trashcans because of the bombings they've experienced over the years. Sure giant overreactions really suck, but those people doing the overreacting are the same ones who'll be doing the reacting if and when a real bomb goes off. Murderous scaremongering terrorists, domestic or foreign, won't necessarily just go to Boston because they have a plane to catch.

Either way, everyone should take a deep breath and assess just what it should take to trigger the full reaction of first-responders. It's a waste of resources for the city to have a freakout over electronic gadgets, and it's not just [adult swim]'s fault that the city suddenly reacted with overwhelming force based on the slimmest information of a perceived but ultimately imaginary threat.
--LAN3 Thu Feb 1 21:45:55 2007
The TB marketting guys also need a kick upside the head. Advertising which doesn't identify the product to people not familar with the product is useless. Putting objects which are not readily recognizable or identifiable in strange places in public areas will probably attract undue attention & paranoia.

--ericball Fri Feb 2 12:21:15 2007
Kibo responds and in'orms:
--LAN3 Fri Feb 2 12:44:09 2007

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