There's a similar kind of ending with Half-Life 2, which I won't spoil except to say that one of the weapons you've had with you is made much more powerful on the last level, and I ran through it over and over again because it was so fun.
--LAN3 Sat Feb 3 17:40:13 2007
I'm part way through Zelda Wind Waker. My main beef is I really should have been keeping notes of the various bits of trivia which come out of the varous encounters; 'cuase some of it isn't trivial. Sigh.
--ericball Mon Feb 5 12:16:36 2007
In awe of that answer! Ralely cool!
--Hank Wed Apr 27 11:54:38 2011
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--oem software Sun Feb 12 01:28:12 2012

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