On digg.com there was a video of a sleight-of-hand trick that makes it look like you're printing a blank card with your hand. It made the videos front page in the last two or three days.
--Nick B Fri Feb 9 11:21:52 2007
I've thought about getting business cards for my blog. Easier than having to write the address down on a piece of paper.
--The_Lex Sat Feb 10 20:35:51 2007
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--hakvnt dikcb Sat Mar 24 19:36:14 2007
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--lqnu pnigctov Sun Jan 18 00:06:35 2009
That's way more clever than I was expeticng. Thanks!
--Rowdy Tue Apr 26 20:35:47 2011
d8IQBd I envy you. The content and design of your blog is much better than mine. Who made a design for you?!...
--buy oem software Sun Feb 12 09:42:41 2012
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--Microsoft OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:10:42 2012
Hehe  I'm smiling over here bacuese I thought (a couple months ago when you got her) that she'd have trips:) So, bucks or does? Did you get to see the birth? Let's have some details here and the story!!! We're up to 5 doe kids out of 3 does the doe to kid ratio isn't that great, but we're happy with the quality~Have a great day,Jennap.s. Are you going the dam raise route our bottle fed?
--Lidia Thu Jan 17 20:59:44 2013

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