phriendly phantom phonecalls
Apparently, we're not supposed to pay any attention to our kids. . .because berating them for doing bad things only gives them the idea that they'll get attention when they do bad things.

--The_Lex Thu Feb 15 08:09:53 2007
Of course, since schools now take it upon themselves to raise our children for us, when the government's wrong about this they're going to ruin a generation.

I was smart, and praised for being smart, and developed a low frustration tolerance because of it. I can't explain, then, why I had that swing dance phase in '02... but I know why I quit.
--Nick B Thu Feb 15 11:28:16 2007
From what I see, parents either don't have the time to raise their kids (because they're working too much) or are too lazy to teach them. Otherwise, I think things would be much more difference or working stiffs would take more of an activist approach to schools.

And don't give me any crap about schools and government getting activist with plenty activist parents. I think it's economics and even social philosophical issues causing the problem, not schools and government filling in the gap of natural communities.
--The_Lex Fri Feb 16 08:16:34 2007

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