florida filler day 2
The INS has changed its name, by the way. Now it's the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, and it's part of DHS.
--LAN3 Sat Feb 17 20:18:52 2007
Oh, also, since I never really come close to going over the number of text messages I receive, I usually go to the airline's website and set up the things they all have that will email you at certain increments before the anticipated departure (or, if I'm picking someone up, arrival) times, and they will also email changes. All phones have an email address; you just have to investigate a bit to get the right domain so that the emails arrive as text messages. 
--LAN3 Sat Feb 17 20:23:05 2007
I usually try to check the flight a couple of days before just to make sure there hasn't been some kind of crazy reschedule (especially if I bought the tickets months in advance). Checking the a website before leaving for the airport is a great idea if the weather is nasty (no point in leaving if the flight has already been cancelled).
Yes email to SMS gateways do exist, just watch the usage charges!
--ericball Mon Feb 19 10:45:33 2007

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