florida filler day 4
Not so much disgusted as worried that you keep a log of your fever sores.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 20 08:26:28 2007
I don't have a good enough memory to spot long term trends. I do the same for my blood pressure, jot down the reading like when I give blood.

Each is represented by a small text memo in my Palm Pilot.

Ideally, someday it might help spot a correlation, like years with heavy activity or no activity vs. what's going on in my life. In practice it's tough to do.

Anyway, not much worse than recording my media consumption...
--Kirk Tue Feb 20 11:25:06 2007
That's what I'm talking about. . .. ;b
--The_Lex Wed Feb 21 07:59:31 2007

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