alas, poor coconut
funny, he doesn't look like he had suffered through the whole nose-brain embargo. METHINKS HE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP! =]
--miller Thu Feb 22 11:10:17 2007
I like how the horns are all } and the mustache is all [ .
--Cordelia Thu Feb 22 11:40:16 2007
well, don't forget the goatee part. so, in essence, we get:

--miller Thu Feb 22 14:06:46 2007
I like the side view of you holding the coconut. It's a good casual photo of you :) ...... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Thu Feb 22 23:19:48 2007
The side view of Kirk brings to mind Tom Hanks and Wilson.
--YELAS Fri Feb 23 09:02:12 2007
I don't know why my ASCII.Ibis looks like Teddy Roosevelt
--Kirk Fri Feb 23 09:12:03 2007
The Ren Faire does look like fun, but I suspect it might annoy me.
--Ye Wench Fri Feb 23 13:39:11 2007

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