on "a short history of myth"
I think it's difficult to approach the intellectual side of myth/tradition without looking at (social) psychological aspects, also. In large part, these communities of myth/tradition do a good job of supporting believers by outing Others (kind of like the main characters on LOST or even a little bit like a cult) and bolstering a foundation of common belief. On the other hand, living in a society ruled by corporate greed and liberalism under the auspices of corporations and business interests, I can almost see the draw to more myth religion for those who don't have social support or individual stubborness for the truth. After all, just take a look at the irrational support that Bush and neo-conservatives got after 9-11 until relatively recently. Sure, he officially has only received just over 50% of the popular vote, but imagine the intoxication of being part of the supporting group until even that group became strained by the truth.

I still believe in a combination of skeptical agnosticism with an emphasis on both rationalism and mystery, which drives us forward to discover while also be cautious about not causing too much damage. We've done a horrible job following this path so far, but I believe we can do it.
--The_Lex Sun Feb 25 11:57:40 2007
You have a very nice site and good guestbook, thank you.
--Melany Tue May 15 14:30:54 2007
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--fxbk maedc Sat Feb 28 08:40:37 2009
Wow! What you have weittrn is truly one great piece of work! I'm so impressed and totally agree. The beauty myth is absolutely alive and well, and that doesn't just go for the MSM, but even in the world of everyday bloggers there's often that pressure to be stylish, cool and beautiful, looking as much as possible similar to the models in the editorials of the fashion magazines.PS. Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog. Much appreciated! 
--Caterina Mon Feb 13 03:15:52 2012

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