and time... go-o-o-es by... so slowly...
Yeah, the accordion gets dumped on pretty heavily (though the banjo comes close). Which is too bad, it's one of my favorite instruments. But then I like bagpipes too, so you could say I'm not a reliable gauge. Tuba also, and really, I think the tuba has greater comedic potential. Though one of the funniest pieces of music I ever heard, including the works of P. D. Q. Bach, was a performance of "Heart and Soul" on the Bagpipes.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Mar 1 15:45:46 2007
My father could play multiple musical instruments very well. His favorite was the accordian. It was a mobile organ to him. He was talented on an organ, but I'd suffered hearing many poor organists hammer out hymns. However, he had taken ELEVEN years of piano and accordian lessons, so could do far more with an accordian than the majority of players I've ever heard. I've learned that what he did with that accordian is very similar with what I do today with a little Yamaha keyboard. While I took six years of classical piano, there is not always a Steinway available to plunk some fine tunes on, so the Yamaha is a quick and easy substitute and better than no musical instrument at all. I think my father probably felt the same about his accordian. Seems any musical instrument is magical in the right hands. I am fortunate to live in a community of professional musicians. These folks, while finely trained, will tap out tunes on spoons, #2 washtubs, logs, trash cans and anything that will emit sound and manage to entertain us :) ...... Rennie
--Rennie Thu Mar 1 21:55:30 2007

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