*tee hee*
Ha ha!!! Kinda good after reading an article about someone making Paradise Lost into a movie, all the while thinking, "Can't we come up with anything original that says something about our culture?"
--The_Lex Mon Mar 5 08:24:52 2007
The Christian stations are at the bottom of the FM dial in Phoenix, so if you have one of those cheap FM radios with the SCAN and RESET buttons, you always have to skip them.

One day, waiting for the bus, I heard a radio play about the Apocalypse. There were locusts everywhere, and there was a good Christian who knew this was coming since he was a little boy, and a skeptical Jew with a Jew voice who just didn't get it. The Christian kept pointing out all the disasters and said "Doesn't it seem to you like someone's trying to get our attention?"
--Nick B Mon Mar 5 11:54:29 2007
The stupid machine reminds me of a Magic School Bus episode where they connect the school's new computer up to help them ready the school for the new day. Of course, their program got caught in a loop and kept doing everything over & over.
--ericball Mon Mar 5 13:23:20 2007
That story reminds me of the failure of writers to understand emergency sprinklers-- they cannot be turned on by an alarm or by the activation of a single sprinkler.

Sprinklers are always on, always pressurized. The reason that no water comes out is that a metal alloy plug is jammed in the nozzle, and that alloy is made to melt at a specific temperature. Once it does, it liquefies and the water blasts it out of the way. Other plugs melt, and those sprinklers start. Apparently there's some clever system for maintaining pressure even when there's a high-demand on the system, but I don't recall what it is, exactly.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 7 04:42:27 2007
All sprinklers? There aren't any tied into some kind of alarm system or manual activation?
--Kirk Wed Mar 7 07:54:11 2007

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