cubicle life....EXTREME!!!!
Yeah, I'm annoyed with the work hard, play hard scheme, even though I thought that was just the Navy these days. Screw 'em! I want to relax.
--The_Lex Fri Mar 9 08:24:33 2007
Blame the "work hard, play hard" on the type-A personalities. Watch reality shows like "Family Jewels" or "Driving Force" and see what a type-A person is like.
--ericball Fri Mar 9 12:00:29 2007
The "work hard, play hard" thing always makes me think of the Simpsons and the gay steel mill.
--Nick B Fri Mar 9 14:36:14 2007
--Kirk Fri Mar 9 16:07:41 2007
To be honest, though, I would rather work for a Type-A personality than a Type-B. I like the good organizational skills.
--The_Lex Sat Mar 10 01:30:08 2007
I don't know if Type-A equates to well organized. I've always equated Type-A with highly driven & competitive (which matches Wikipedia). In fact, I'd think that many Type-A people are disorganized - always on the go & never slow down enough to take the time to do the organization details.

--ericball Mon Mar 12 10:32:45 2007

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