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Well, the world is overpopulated. Just imagine the idea that there's just 40 million people living the city of Lahor <sp?> Pakistan, alone. Just think of the huge amounts of people in China and India! Nonetheless, the sheer amount of people does put pressure on the planet. . .and the solution to a lot of problems would probably be family planning. . .

But I never really thought of "rugged individualism" being as much about getting attention as simply not needing anyone else for survival (beyond a wife, of course, who does all the support work around the house and so forth, so you don't have to have all your time taken up by silly little chores).
--The_Lex Sat Mar 10 13:00:40 2007
Eh, you're right, rugged individualism isn't the term... more the idea of how we're indoctrinated with the idea of how unique and amazing we all are.
--Kirk Sat Mar 10 14:02:12 2007
Try holding your wrists under the faucet running not cold but cool water. You'll be shivering in no time.
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Mar 10 23:10:12 2007
Yeah? Are you saying the cool makes you paradoxically colder than the cold would, or just that it doesn't even have to be that cold?
--Kirk Sun Mar 11 02:10:42 2007
How about "sense of entitlement"?
--The_Lex Sun Mar 11 11:58:16 2007
It's mindboggling when you start to consider the number of people involved in the support web which allows people to simply put food in their mouths. However, I suspect that once you reach a certain population level an increasing percentage of people end up working on things which are really non-essential. (Hmm... reminds me of Civilization. Once the population of a city hits a certain level, any more population becomes entertainers.)

--ericball Mon Mar 12 11:03:50 2007

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