spring sprung sprang
I accidently set my clocks back an hour, but my cell phone, PDA and computer all set me straight. Made the morning something of a bitch, tbough.

I also read an article about how daylight savings time doesn't save energy. Something about how it just shifts power usage from peak time to just spreading it out through a day.
--The_Lex Sun Mar 11 12:00:54 2007
Spreading it out through a day?

I've heard it argued that it's counterbalanced by rural communities having to use a light in the morning, but frankly I don't believe that that makes it a zero sum game.
--Kirk Sun Mar 11 15:39:42 2007
I don't really know the details beyond what I've just said. I kind of wonder if anyone really knows the details on this one. . .
--The_Lex Mon Mar 12 00:31:28 2007
I don't think they know for certain, Slate's Explainer went into some of the history and guesstimates:
--Kirk Mon Mar 12 08:25:49 2007
I've always felt that DST is more natural than standard time. Basically, if high-noon is roughly halfway between sunrise and sunset then having it occur at 1PM makes more sense since it aligns better with the typical 9-5 workday.
--ericball Mon Mar 12 11:07:35 2007

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