what to believe
It is kind of funny. Sometimes I find myself saying that I go to church more than I hear about Christian friends going to church.
--The_Lex Tue Mar 13 09:56:48 2007
Speaking of precocious kids in NYC, you might get a kick out of this radio prank played by some WFMU (a Jersey pubradio station that broadcasts over NYC) hosts on the NY Times. They felt a particular column was just a pile of stylistic bull, and decided to prank it. A precocious child was an necessary element of their hoax.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 14 01:06:35 2007
Whoops, how about a link, LAN3?

Link goes to NPR.org and does not link directly to audio.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 14 01:09:20 2007
This American Life recently had a broadcast on Kid Logic coming out logically wrong. It was pretty funny.
--Erin Wed Mar 14 22:02:01 2007

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