when I dip you dip we dip
haha that's great! After reading the book, my mom and I tried Bible dipping, but it didn't work out too well.
--Candi Sun Mar 18 06:25:58 2007
I Bible dip, then I Marvel dip, then TV dip. Let me explain: If I have a question with an answer I don't like, I Bible dip first. If the Bible gives me the answer I want, then I have it on good authority and leave it at that. If the Bible didn't work out, then I grab a random Marvel comic and repeat the process. It turns out the X-men, through massive repetition, form more of my ethical code than the Bible. Plus I really like the stories, they're neat. So if I don't get the answer I wanted, I might just read the entire issue again. Procrastination works wonders on actually answering a question. If there still is an issue, I turn on the TV and watch until randomly until I forget what I was flustered about in the first place.  

All kidding aside, the actual maxim I try to follow is "seven breaths". Pose the question, you should have your answer and have begun working on it within seven breaths. Force yourself as often as not to live within those 7 breaths. If you can't, then its not the right question, and another issue is blocking.

----EB Sun Mar 18 16:41:54 2007
That sounds like a pretty decent technique.
--Kirk Tue Mar 20 20:59:08 2007

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