bong hits 4 jesus
Yech. Since I've started getting involved in writing workshops again, my copy and style editing tendencies have come out.

In your commentary on the quote, you spelt 'because' wrong. Stylistically, that's something of a long sentence, despite being quite intelligible.
--The_Lex Tue Mar 20 13:06:19 2007
yeah, with the firefox spellcheck there's less of that, but I live like I type: fast, with lots of mistakes.
--Kirk Tue Mar 20 20:58:42 2007
Freebird, anyone? (Or at least, I think that's the song that would be appropriate).
--The_Lex Wed Mar 21 07:14:05 2007
Huh? (Just looked up the lyrics to freebird, and still I say... Huh?)
--Kirk Wed Mar 21 08:50:30 2007
The closest I could get, in my mind, to what you were saying: ". . .I live like I type: fast, with lots of mistakes." My head doesn't have a tendency to remember that type of stuff accurately, though.
--The_Lex Thu Mar 22 07:18:57 2007

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