this is good tech-nique
Maybe it takes getting to mid life to know that "happiness" (however defined....contentment, peace, quiet joy, etc.)comes from the inside out....that still place in a churning world.
--yelm Wed Mar 21 09:24:58 2007
Maybe Contemporary men aren't afraid to admit they are unhappy.
--EEEEe Wed Mar 21 23:45:39 2007
Yeah, that's why I asked if asking someone are they happy is the best way of knowing.... it's a difficult question.
--Kirk Thu Mar 22 06:26:08 2007
Well, included in consumerist society, is the consuming of insurance. Trying to sell you a piece of financial peace of mind. Can you really buy a peace of mind, or do people just bring up the bad things that can happen then remind you?
--The_Lex Thu Mar 22 07:20:50 2007

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