what's green, hangs on a wall and whistles?
I really got into cooking following getting ahold of "Good Eats," with Alton Brown. The scientific aspects of cooking (which is often characterized as un-scientific, but as far as I can tell, merely very tolerant of variation) appealed to me, as did the show which instead of telling me to do stuff, told me *why* it does things. I credit a lot of my cooking instincts to that show, and the food-reading it got me into.
--LAN3 Mon Mar 26 18:01:20 2007
--Martha Stewart Mon Mar 26 21:18:26 2007
Yeah. Miller did some hardcore frying for a party and the top has never been the same....
--Kirk Mon Mar 26 22:28:58 2007
If I ever need to explain to anyone why the word "evaporate" exists when "dry" is already there and shorter... I'll have to tell them that "evaporate" is what happens to the water, while "dry" is what happens to whatever the water used to be on or in: the laundry, a riverbed, etc.
--Nick B Mon Mar 26 23:01:12 2007
Thanks for explaining the joke. I interpreted it as when a towel is dry, it is used again. Guess I'm with you!
--Erin the amazing assistant editor on cool shows Tue Mar 27 00:16:45 2007
Heh, Nick. Rather like the difference between the coast and shore. They refer to the same boundary, where water meets land, but landmasses have coasts, while bodies of water have shores.

It doesn't answer the question, though-- when Particle Man is underwater, does he get wet, or does the water get him instead?
--LAN3 Wed Mar 28 17:08:02 2007

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