you... light up my life... or at least my desk...
Tape a piece of paper so it hangs over the light switch. Won't slow you down if you want the lights on but will give pause to invaders.... er, uh...guests.
--xoxoxoBruce Thu Mar 29 09:52:40 2007
well, they're not even guests, they're co-workers. They have as much right to the overhead lights as I do to their lack, but they don't ask or consult, just blithely assume either

A. people already there weren't smart enough to turn on the lights, or just didn't think of it

B. overhead lights on are "normal" and so can be turned on with no need for any group consensus
--Kirk Thu Mar 29 10:03:04 2007
or C. You're overthinking this just like you do with everything else.
--C Monkey Thu Mar 29 21:16:51 2007
Editors always turn off flourescant lights and have a desk or floor lamp-on dim. I don't know if it's true, but they say that it's better for your eyes. Of course, allt he screens are flatscreens now.
--ErinMaru Fri Mar 30 01:19:44 2007
C Monkey; whatever, it's annoying. 4 people in the room already there should have a say about the damn light.
--Kirk Fri Mar 30 06:22:48 2007
Is C Monkey one of those trolls, or was that a legitimate post?

I've started using the compact fluorescent lights, and they don't have that annoying effect that the larger ones seem to have. That just me?
--The_Lex Fri Mar 30 07:20:03 2007
Oh, I don't mind the overthinking accusation.

I remember trying to see if those "full spectrum" lights had any impact on a hint of of S.A.D., but the cheap ones were actually really dim, and we figured you must need one of those expensive bright lightboxes to really make an impact.
--Kirk Fri Mar 30 08:27:12 2007
We were buying the daylight bulbs from Whole Foods at like 100 or 120 watts each. They worked well in making some great light. With the environment and summer, though, we switched over to CFLs. They work well for non-artistic stuff.

Well, you do think a lot, Kirk. That's one of the endearing things about you. But complaining about the presumptiousness of people coming into a room and changing the atmosphere, that struck me more as venting than thinking.
--The_Lex Fri Mar 30 14:28:03 2007
it's my blog and i'll vent if i want to / vent if i want to / vent if i want to...

I guess C Monkey thought breaking things down into A/B possibilities is already spending too much mental energy on the gripe...
--Kirk Sat Mar 31 09:46:33 2007
You think the phone is bad? he's using a paper Day Planner! And I totally don't buy that it's a hipster PDA :-)

As for light, the full spectrum is nicer, but you do really need crazy bright for it to work on SAD (I have a light box).

CFLs are the best way to go, though. Oddly enough Wal-Mart is leading the charge to get people to switch to them for environmental reasons, They pledged to sell 100 million CF bulbs to people by 2008. (
--M Sun Apr 1 20:41:58 2007
oops, that last one was me
--Mr. Ibis Sun Apr 1 20:42:25 2007

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