thirty and three
if i had your number i'd call and sing to you like marilyn monroe... or something! happy happy to you!!!
--aparajita Sat Mar 31 20:38:37 2007
33 was the title of the first Battlestar Galactica episode after the miniseries.
--Nick B Sat Mar 31 22:11:36 2007
Happy Birthday! May you have many, many more...and may each birthday be far better than the last. Yesterday was Capt's (and his father's) birthday. Not a 33rd one, but one ending in a 3. Today's his older brother's birthday. Lots of celebrations all around. Hope you had a good one. Enjoyed your observations on 33, but always enjoy your links and info. I met my very best female friend when I turned 33, so a memorable age for me. Even in adversity, she had a great attitude about life and shared laughter and great coping skills. What you wrote about the light at the office...IF it had been done to her, she'd have turned the light off as she left the room for a break, as we came from generations taught to "conserve" with signs everywhere to turn off the lights when leaving a room :) ...... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Sat Mar 31 23:23:36 2007

just thought you should know
----EB Sun Apr 1 18:01:14 2007

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