tee hee!
heh heh... april fool's???
--aparajita Sun Apr 1 21:18:05 2007
yup! but there's still a day's entry there with lots of words, you just have to find it...
--Kirk Mon Apr 2 06:04:38 2007
The problem with publishing an April Fool's joke as "news" is inevitably someone misses the joke and presents it as a fact which manages to stick around past April 1st.

My one and only "good" April Fool's joke was calling up a female friend living in another city and declaring that I was at the airport.
--ericball Mon Apr 2 11:53:07 2007
In case anyone is still wondering, use the mouse to highlight the blank spot to see the text, or hit Ctrl-A which should select everything.
--Kirk Mon Apr 2 21:07:32 2007
I have a cousin with a wicked sense of humor. Her idea of an April Fool joke was to call her mom and claim she was pregnant! Considering my Aunt is still waiting eagerly to be a grandma, that's kinda mean.
--Emaru Tue Apr 3 00:29:53 2007

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