thy fearful symmetry
For some reason I've always associated the "No matter where you go...."quote with Gilda Radner and SNL. But her book title was "It's Always Something". It was fun reading the Buckaroo Banzai history of the phrase.
--YELM Wed Apr 4 08:09:01 2007
I guess the phrase has a long and storied history, but B.B. kind of repopularized it in the 80s I think, and is the focal point for the current geek-eyed view of it.
--Kirk Wed Apr 4 08:48:43 2007
Another favorite quote that BB's full quote brought to mind: "Be kind for everyone you meetis fighting a great battle. Attributed to Philo of Alexandria.
--YELM Wed Apr 4 10:27:03 2007
Interesting minor survey of Sci Fi UI presentations. As for providing any new insight or critical thought, though, I'm very underwhelmed.
--The_Lex Wed Apr 4 10:57:09 2007

I thought it was pretty good as a survey, though. Plus, he did go into some of the outside influences.
--Kirk Wed Apr 4 11:32:49 2007
Just saying. . .there were all these generally stating the obvious without all that much of an argument/insight. I guess if it was titled "A Survey of. . ." or something like that, I wouldn't have been so disappointed at the end.

Hell, it had an abstract! ;b
--The_Lex Wed Apr 4 23:02:00 2007
RE: survey of Sci Fi UI presentations. Reminds me of the original Time Machine movie, when the main character goes to the future, the Eloy show him a futuristic technology. A large ring the size of a bracelet is spun on it's side like a top, and it plays like a CD. The only time I've seen something like that in the movies.
--Erin Thu Apr 5 05:35:53 2007
Lex...Well, the abstract did say that it was a survey
--Kirk Thu Apr 5 06:21:54 2007
Did I mention that I sometimes just skim over abstracts?
--The_Lex Thu Apr 5 07:21:26 2007
Wow! That's a relaly neat answer!
--Bobcat Fri Jul 29 06:47:34 2011
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