i agree with péret.
The name Prevert made me think "pervert."
--The_Lex Thu Apr 12 07:23:41 2007
yeah. actually I think Mo used the term "prevert", but without the accent.
--Kirk Thu Apr 12 07:27:20 2007
I think that name, used instead of pervert in a sentence, would probably easily pass as the adjective/noun.
--The_Lex Thu Apr 12 09:30:58 2007
I've always found Dan's description of how not to make a fission bomb very humourous (about halfway down the page).

--ericball Thu Apr 12 10:27:54 2007
"Man Ray"-- I never knew that was a person. It is, however, a Seattle gay bar. As gay bars go, I prefer "R Place" across the street, which unlike Manray has amusements for straight people-- besides liquor, I mean.
--LAN3 Thu Apr 12 22:46:28 2007
It was also the name of a fairly popular dance club, one of the few in Cambridge. It had goth-, fetish-, gay-, and 80s-themed nights, and is much lamented.

I think "Ramrod" is the most notorious gay bar around here. There may also be one called "Manholes" but I might be making that up.
--Kirk Fri Apr 13 08:25:55 2007

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