the 29 bestest songs
My favorite Isley Brothers song is "That Lady" the guitar riff..I don't know how they got that sound. Shirley Bassey all her James Bond themes and older songs are "gold". On the mashup front you should try to hear the 2many dj's they have eight or more volumes of everything mashed up. I'm really into Favela which is miami bass with rapping in portugese.It's what they play at the funk balls in warehouses in brazil.
--lady maracas Sat Apr 14 11:42:12 2007
The 8GB/30GB price similarity is a result of the market price difference between flash memory vs. hdd storage, but flash players and hdd players tend to have different kinds of uses-- when you have 30 gb, you really do use it for storage as much as data portability, while an 8GB is the large size of a device mainly used for temporary portability, i.e. listen for a while, and then replace the song.
--LAN3 Sat Apr 14 16:47:12 2007
Mdm Maracas:
I hadn't heard "That Lady" but managed to dig it up as the soundtrack on a youtube... s'funny how the Isley Bros. reinvented themselves every decade or so to keep up with the times, like the 70s groove of that song....

And color me dumb, but somehow I missed that Shirley Bassey did all that Bond stuff! Duhhr. Still dig the sheer strength of her voice.

LAN3: yeah, I could see that w/ the 30 gigs, but I have a few USB thumb drives and some extra SD cards, and then a few big USB harddrives when it comes to that. Again, not the convenience of having it right there, but still.
--Kirk Sun Apr 15 14:36:35 2007
Boomshine is clearly inspired by Every Extend ( ), and isn't nearly as good. I recommend downloading and playing it posthaste!
--ApM Mon Apr 16 12:36:13 2007

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