before you can say jackie robinson
I totally agree with you on the Don Imus thing. I tried a couple times, but he just annoyed (didn't offend) me so much that I couldn't listen to him for more than 5 minutes.
--The_Lex Sun Apr 15 15:54:40 2007
Howard Stern was bashing Imus pretty heavily back in the day (the relatively brief day when I was listening to Stern), especially for pointing out that his Ranch for kids w/ Cancer seemed more like a tax write off than anything really helpful... so I checked out Imus to see if I was missing anything, but no... he was just this mumble-y ugly crank in a cowboy hat.
--Kirk Sun Apr 15 16:27:29 2007
He was the only tv personality that said, at least weekly, Bush and Cheney were war criminals and should be hung.
And for that, I admired him.
--The Apex Mon Apr 16 17:16:39 2007

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