i blame john cusack
For my relationship, we're both so busy with projects and careers these days that we don't have much time to worry about the other one being attracted to each other.

Of course, we constantly say nice things to each other about how feel about and attracted to each other. Unfortunately, that's in lieu of actually spending quality time with each other.
--The_Lex Mon Apr 16 09:15:48 2007
The power struggle is what makes me worry about long-term relationships, more so than anything else. All the problems people have with relationships are due to that. And because I have no game, and a breakup will likely result in another long drought, I'll be the powerless one. It's almost certain.

Also, if you listen to Penn Jillette's interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you'll hear them both talk about what incredibel power they gain in their trade, just by their willingness to walk away from their project at the first sign of resistance. That's how Team America got made. (archive at www.pennfans.net, it's somewhere in the last week or two of the show.)
--Nick B Mon Apr 16 17:18:05 2007
I must be pretty damn lucky because lately I don't feel much of a power struggle in the relationship. We've fought through a couple and, yes, sometimes, we may have a momentary struggle. In the long run, though, we either accept each other's situations really well and make a point to spend time together, we believe in each other's goals or we've gotten comfortable. . .. I don't know which, but I hope it's not complacency.
--The_Lex Mon Apr 16 20:42:44 2007

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