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One Sunday morning, I went alone to Club Passim for brunch. While there, I read a book while eating. A guy randomly comes up to me, asks me a little about the book then we talk a little bit about nothing much.

He gave me his contact info, but I didn't follow up on it. Sometimes I just have random distrust for people. Maybe it could also have to do with not wanting to take on the burden of another friend or, the flipside, feeling disappointed that yet ANOTHER person doesn't want to give me the attention that I crave.
--The_Lex Wed Apr 18 15:31:00 2007
LAN3 can back me up on this, but the American visitor in "French in Action" was named Robert Taylor, probably as a link to that exact sentence. It's mentioned in an early episode. He also shares a name with an actor that might have been known in 1987, and "Robert" is both an American and French name, and has a distinct French pronunciation.
--Nick B Wed Apr 18 16:35:20 2007
Heh, that's interesting. Consider yourself backed-up. 

Marie-Laure must be all grown up by now; I wonder if she's up to anything, and if she is, is it her fault this time?
(read into the comments)
--LAN3inAction Wed Apr 18 22:28:49 2007
She's probably close to my age.
--Nick B Thu Apr 19 11:21:39 2007
Marie-Laure was played by Virginie Contesse and she only has FIA to her credit. Many of the others have many films and TV shows.
--DL Thu Apr 19 16:42:24 2007
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--emanuelleernikolpic Fri Mar 14 22:31:07 2008
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--Green Wed Apr 9 04:35:47 2008
Would there be a photo of Virginie Contesse, present day, anywhere around ?
--Don Bartin Thu Apr 10 01:38:03 2008
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