where the wings have no shame
Don't forget the Warran Shapiro article calling to repeal the Second Amendment. That qualifies as "interesting."
--LAN3 Thu Apr 19 16:02:17 2007
Which article?
--Kirk Thu Apr 19 16:18:25 2007
Heh, now that I look, I realize I con-fused Slate and Salon. I'm a moron.
--LAN3 Thu Apr 19 17:46:17 2007
www.snacdaddy.com is where it all comes together
--The SnacDaddy Sun Apr 22 09:22:25 2007
Furearlz? That's marvelously good to know.
--Anjii Fri Jul 29 00:26:19 2011
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--Jhonn Fri Jan 11 16:18:08 2013

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