backpacks to the future
After reading the Bible, I had always entertained the idea of souls being stuck in dead bodies, being bored as anything.

The backpack over one shoulder probably allows for better adjustment and maneuverability (which means better T or "L" etiquette). Same thing with backpacks over one shoulder being cool when I was in high school. Don't know how and when that changed.
--The_Lex Wed Apr 25 13:19:11 2007
I guess there are some advantages to the one strap thing, like you said... also a lot easier to sling it around and pull something from it. But mostly I think we just thought it looked cooler.
--Kirk Wed Apr 25 13:31:51 2007
Easier to use it as a weapon, too.
--The_Lex Wed Apr 25 14:29:12 2007
heck, that was cool in nineteen EIGHTY-one, except when riding your bike, that is.
--Kevin Thu Apr 26 08:04:52 2007
Crazy followup... this morning I saw a bunch of kids on some kind of field trip, waiting to get on the T... and 3 of the boys had bags worn in *front* of them. Which makes maybe even more sense... you can sit down, keep an eye on your stuff, etc... though I don't know what the implications are for back support. And probably it would work better for girls than for women, for obvious reasons.
--Kirk Thu Apr 26 08:08:29 2007
Plus, personally, I think the front wearing backpack looks lame. After all, it's called a BACKpack.
--The_Lex Fri Apr 27 06:53:23 2007
yeah! you kids! get offa my lawn with those crazy backpacks-on-the-front!
--Kirk Fri Apr 27 08:25:00 2007

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