The guy character in the comic kind of made me think of Mr. Ibis, including the sarcasm.
--The_Lex Sat Apr 28 22:29:32 2007
I could see that...
--Kirk Sun Apr 29 05:55:39 2007
Actually, the more I look at that final panel, the more and more true your statement seems...
--Kirk Tue May 1 19:07:58 2007
this: 'Get the facts first, judge sonced.' I should have made that clear - so definitely my bad there, and I apologise.That said - i've made not a single comment on my own opinion of his comment or of Momoa as a person. So can we dial down the antagonism?All i was saying is this: a fact is 'a thing that is', right? So literally, the single fact we have in this case is: 'Jason Momoa made the comment we are all discussing'. That's not in dispute - we have video evidence that he did, indeed, say this thing.Facts we don't have, or can't know, based off this incident:- Whether Momoa really thinks what he said is okay- Whether he really thinks what he said at all, or whether a far more innocuous thought was just phrased in a really, terribly unfortunate way (Perhaps out of nervousness, stage fright, etc)- Whether Momoa is a good/bad personI agree with you actually, that judging a person entirely off a single thoughtless comment isn't particularly sensible. His response to the backlash over it will be pretty instructive, though.
--Kelli Sat Feb 11 14:45:23 2012
TmTwqV Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.
--Microsoft OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:20:39 2012
Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that rellay helped.
--Sonia Fri Jul 13 12:23:20 2012

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