the great chair famine of 2012
Words of advice for EB from a veteran of too many moves...if realistically you are probably not going to make use of the stored items...dump them and don't let them enter the new digs!
--yelm Tue May 1 08:48:46 2007
Hi. Nice site! Cool guestbook.
Good luck.
--vodils Wed May 23 05:11:49 2007
Good job mkaing it appear easy.
--Stella Tue Sep 6 00:49:39 2011
Suggesttion regarding the swmniimg timings:Having intervals start on certain times does not make allowance for different standards/speeds of swmniimg. For example this week 400m off 7 mins or less. It is unlikely that I will finish the 400m in under the 7 mins. Others may do it in 4 mins leaving a rest time of 3 mins or someone else 6:30 leaving 30 secs rest. Obviously the training effect will be different for each of those examples and in the first case how long does one increase the time by  may be 15 secs if the workout is to increase stamina or maybe one minute if they want to increase speed? In the past the rest interval has been prescribed as a percentage of the time taken to do the interval or something similar. This I believe may solve the issues highlighed above. Please can I have some thoughts/advice on the above? Thanks.
--Karolina Fri Jan 11 05:53:57 2013

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