unoutgrabeable ... that's what you are ...
Fast walking: I recognise this exactly. I only recently started a new job with a commute including train (in Brussels, Belgium), and I am surprised by the speed people walk to/from their job from/to the railway station. You separate them indistinguishably from the normal "wanderers".
--yupie Fri May 4 18:24:09 2007
long time no visit. No, we've never met. I've seen this site a few times though, off of slashdot. It's a weird thing... i never met you, yet once every year or so, I skim this site and it's like "what's new in that stranger from boston's life? oh, got married. oh, got a house. oh, divorced? that's too bad. Oh, seems to be in a relationship." I don't mean to summarize like 10 years of your life in a sentence though. Hopefully you'll see it more of a compliment that more that your friends have seen this stuff.

Anyway, why i replied to this. It seems even funnier that if you look at the bottom, you'll notice he's an MD! It's a creepy DOCTOR Zabrek! An OB/GYN! I hope he doesn't look like that when his female patients get inspected...
--james Fri Jun 22 20:39:42 2007

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