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Why would you want to say something to someone who is ambivalent about having a child?
Misery loves company?

--xoxoxo Bruce Sun May 6 15:01:10 2007
Couple weeks ago, I attended Rebecca Walker's reading for her new book. Interesting lady. I could appreciate many of her stances and reactions.
--The_Lex Sun May 6 15:55:56 2007
Err, I think she was known as a strong feminist and not very pro-having-children. Or something.
--Kirk Sun May 6 16:17:41 2007
Yeah, and that's why I appreciate her honesty at this point, after having a child (or two?). . .and which annoys me about the dogmatic people getting on her case about some issues.
--The_Lex Sun May 6 20:24:11 2007
There may not be a perfect time etc, but there are some circumstances where having a child will make things worse for both you and the child. And a child is an 18 year commitment, not something to be taken lightly.

--ericball Mon May 7 21:47:49 2007
Having a child is a lifetime commitment!
--YELM Mon May 7 22:47:36 2007

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