just one good ol' boy
Good thing you turned off where you did! The way the General Lee was going will take you too the marshes, and the bridge is out!
--LAN3 - YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW Mon May 7 22:01:21 2007
the chiropractic thing: there's a lot of wank wrapped up in what is otherwise a generally great, drug-free way to keep your shit from getting too fucked up. you tend to see a lot of anti-vaccination shit there as well. why? i have no idea, except that the margins tend to attract the wacky and way out and ahead of their times in small numbers, and the deeply marginal in large numbers.

my chiro is a good mix of hippie and realist so i get the best of both worlds.
--dhex Tue May 8 11:37:40 2007
It would be nice to live in a world free from vertebral subluxation.

--Catherine Fri May 11 07:42:08 2007

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