ET phone home. or just get up off of that damn couch!
Someone sent me that glasses-catching video-- it looks real, but the result seems impossible and the tosses don't seem to be right anyway. I send this to a friend with the subject: "This is my new hobby" (I got LASIK last week, and am, for the first time in 20 years, so sunglasses have new novelty to me), and she suggested that I could just a easily take up catching beer-bottles in my teeth, by the neck. Yes, that could be a challenge.
--LAN3 Sun May 13 03:16:18 2007
Have you yet said, in her presense, "Ground control to Major Mom," and had you, would she get it?
--LAN3 Sun May 13 03:18:50 2007
Fake? Probably. I still think it's awesome.
--Cordelia Sun May 13 10:14:03 2007
"Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do!" This was a frequently played number where I worked out while I was in England. But it also awakens my memory banks from college days. And thanks for a fun weekend from one of those mothers out here!
--YELM Sun May 13 13:01:03 2007
Talk about melting one's heart--what a rondewful thing to overhear between a daddy and his sons.Beautiful, beautiful sunset shot!~~
--Koleksi Wed Mar 14 13:29:03 2012
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