Awwww. . .EB's little one is soooooo cute!
--The_Lex Mon May 14 10:08:24 2007
Life is hard...go easy on yourself.
We tend to be far harder on ourselves mentally than anyone else can ever be. This can eventually bring down our physical side. So smile and enjoy what you have of life each day.

Look for one thing you can do each day that is worthwhile and helpful to someone else and see what true satisfaction you get rather than worry about what anyone else thinks of you. Your sense of being helpful will soon far override your sense of worry about what others think of you.

What a precious photo. Thanks for sharing. Brought a real smile today. One day you will appreciate smiles far more than you'll ever understand now ...... Rennie
--rennielorca Mon May 14 12:58:32 2007
After watching Spider Man and talking with the fiancee about conversing about "issues," I'm locked up to say anything. . .except that yeah, it's funny how it's easier to talk to strangers than friends, family and other intimates sometimes. Damn emotional baggage!
--The_Lex Mon May 14 16:46:39 2007
Spider Man? Like where he keeps trying to map MJ's experiences onto his own?
--Kirk Mon May 14 17:34:52 2007
Yeah. I'm sure this is totally different, but I'm trying to be funny while also trying to relate. ha ha
--The_Lex Mon May 14 19:14:13 2007

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