what is this?
water droplets on leather of some sort?
--aparajita Sat May 19 09:26:40 2007
Rain on your windshield with tree branches reflected?
Rain on your thumb - close to leather?
--YELAS Sat May 19 10:19:32 2007
Or maybe rain on your side view mirror?

I am spending way too much time on this........
--yelas Sat May 19 12:29:58 2007
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--yhsvlb zsloc Tue May 29 17:57:08 2007
when i started wkniorg out and running, my parents were a bit concerned about me. i would go to the gym for like an hour and a half or for 2 hours or go running for an hour. and then i would eat healthy. regular sizes, but just healthy food. And i was loosing weight. You could see it on me that the pounds were dropping. So instead of closet eating, i had to do the opposite. I felt like i had to eat something 'bad' in front of them, or they would bother me. I was never starving myself and would still eat a few chips or a cookie or some ice cream, just in smaller portions. But they thought i had a problem.I have stopped doing that and now they understand me better. But it was still difficult at first.Great post!!!
--Nunnyforlife Fri Jul 13 17:42:00 2012

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