hhhuuh! hammer!
The video is very impressive. I wonder how it was created.
--ericball Wed May 23 10:54:42 2007
--ericball Wed May 23 11:04:28 2007
Wow, I'm glad I saw that before it's removed. Thanks Kirk, great catch.
Oh, for long nails... put a block of wood under the hammer for a fulcrum, when the nail starts to bend over too far to pull without elongating the hole.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed May 23 14:54:27 2007
xoxoB, before what's removed?
--Kirk Wed May 23 15:24:27 2007
The video is removed, alas. It was pretty brilliant.
--LAN3 Thu May 24 11:44:38 2007
Yeah, they had warnings up saying it was going to be taken down because of "legal stuff" The warning changed a couple times over a 20 minute period.
I seem to remember reading that videos youtube takes down, aren't really taken down, just moved to an alternate site/address while they fight for the right to show it. I'll be damned if I can remember where though.
--xoxoxoBruce Thu May 24 15:24:30 2007
God, that sucks.

Too bad the museum isn't more focused on sharing w/ the public at large.
--Kirk Fri May 25 07:44:30 2007

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