it only thinks it's happening.
hug harder Safely! We must regard the problem of hugging too hard, as we know from the Hugbot incident:
--LAN3 Sat May 26 17:04:37 2007
AFAIC that's the best awnser so far!
--Eagle Wed Apr 27 04:46:05 2011
THX that's a great aneswr!
--Chaas Tue Jan 3 08:39:01 2012
"No thank you"! But she did pass on part of the legacy.....every day now I colcelt the cream from the milk I get from the dairyman and store it, then once a week I set it like I do yogurt, then churn it in a blender, separate the butter from the buttermilk (which is the most delicious buttermilk I have ever had, my dogs sit there on the floor while I am doing this panting and salivating for a few drops of it), then I melt the butter and make it into ghee! Which, i never use in my cooking, so I bottle it and give it all away to the retirement community my parents live in! Full circle huh?
--Thomas Sun Jan 6 16:41:41 2013

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