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I like the card readers because they treat the cards as plain memory storage, while downloading from a camera via cable means that it only gets treated like camera memory. I bought my late grandfather's printer, an HP all-in-one that scans and has a many-type card-reader.
--LAN3 Sun Jun 3 18:04:27 2007
Yeah! Printers w/ memory card readers still weird me out a tad. I guess I'm more prone to fiddling with photos digitally, and can't see a printer doing a good job with that, even if it has one of those small builtin screens.
--Kirk Sun Jun 3 21:07:26 2007
Well, in this case, a memory card with the printer (a USB printer) will show up as a removeable storage drive in XP-- it's not merely a card-to-printer dealie. Those that weird you out, I too find very unsatisfactory.
--LAN3 Sun Jun 3 22:15:58 2007
And nobody ever uses A: or B: as drive letters even now, do they?

Built-in card readers would be nice; I find I leave my camera plugged in and turned on, and end up draining my batteries.
--Nick B Mon Jun 4 00:53:20 2007
It'd be nice if the cameras with proprietary rechargeable batteries would go ahead and charge off the USB or at least draw power off it while they're connected.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 4 04:18:23 2007
Sometime i need to look into corrective action for Window's insane need to scan new media and try to figure out what to do with it.

Just open up a damn file folder and don't try to hold my hand, kthxbye.
--Kirk Mon Jun 4 08:30:13 2007

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