Washington, AC/DC
I love the GIF. What looks to be a simple juggling loop is far more amusing.
--ericball Tue Jun 5 10:50:06 2007
So what's the AC/DC reference?
--Mac Guy Tue Jun 5 16:51:40 2007
a near-meaningless play on the day's ramble thought... Washington DC, Washington AC/DC... I dunno, I was in a hurry...
--Kirk Tue Jun 5 17:32:03 2007
The GIF is great!
--Beau Tue Jun 5 19:45:47 2007
I remember the Amiga Juggler demo, and how the first time I saw it was a down-sampled version running on a Commodore 64. Kind of like how the original Amiga 1000 bouncing ball demo was eventually replicated on the Atari 130XE. And, of course, today I can make either one of those an LJ icon if I want to.
--Nick B Tue Jun 5 22:54:32 2007
i wonder if that was prerendered or generated on the fly?
--Kirk Wed Jun 6 14:02:57 2007
prerendered. But on an Amiga, which was impressive enough back in the day:

Sounds like the Boing demo was prerendered too. Now I don't think that the 2600 version that predraws is cheating :-) http://www.amigau.com/aig/boingball.html
--Kirk Wed Jun 6 16:12:57 2007

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