Funny how whenever you blink, the dots come back.

Ayn Rand, I have such a hard time taking her seriously, even in the love category. To me, love is an equal partnership that requires communication, respect and communication (to find out what you should be respecting).
--The_Lex Thu Jun 7 07:09:38 2007
Yeah, I find it best not to take Ayn Rand to seriously either.

Good point about the blinking.
--Kirk Thu Jun 7 07:14:33 2007
I see stars!!! (Or at least a green dot.)

The longer I stare, the smoother it gets.
--ericball Thu Jun 7 12:55:56 2007
The "vacuum" effect is amazing, where dots seem to wink out, rather than just fade away
--Kirk Thu Jun 7 13:45:56 2007
<a href="http://illusionsetc.blogspot.com/2006/06/south-pole-after-image-optical.html">A similar illusion</a>
--mkb Fri Jun 8 08:32:05 2007
oops, sorry about the html
--mkb Fri Jun 8 08:32:18 2007

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