happy birthday ebling!
My parents live in Litchfield Park, an exurb of Phoenix. Their house is the highest in the neighborhood, and Phoenix is very flat apart from the occasional mountain sticking out. So from the master bedroom's balcony, you can see five different fireworks shows on any Fourth of July. It's also near Luke AFB so they get to see air shows there too. Also, when that power substation caught fire a few years ago, we got a good look at the smoke plume from that, too.
--Nick B Sat Jun 9 18:12:21 2007
That's pretty cool. You should get a webcam and try making some time lapse movies or something!
--Kirk Sun Jun 10 08:14:43 2007
Doc Cohen / June 30, 2011</a>Call either the AZ DMV or the cutruhoose in Phoenix. If they are really old, either one should have the info. They should be able to find your case(s) based on your name and date of birth. I presume you had an AZ driver's license. They should be able to use that number as well.If it's just traffic fines, you should be able to just send a check for the fine without any need for a lawyer. If it's more complex, try FindLaw.comReply</a>
--Neldz Sun Aug 12 03:04:26 2012
With the bases loaded you srutck us out with that answer!
--Stew Sat Jan 12 02:24:28 2013
fro2aF Thanks again for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
--link building Sat Oct 26 14:26:39 2013

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