mr. hat, mc ballyhoo, and you
Kibo got the High Hat treatment too.

grep for it.
--Nick B Mon Jun 11 02:29:20 2007
yeah, i noticed that! And not a skiboot to be found.
--Kirk Mon Jun 11 06:43:56 2007
pZVFEI Interesting, but still I would like to know more about it. Liked the article:D
--buy cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 01:55:24 2012
people spent themselves out in Nov and Dec 2011, low AE sales then too. Tapped out and ceidrt cards maxxed out, taxes due and holiday malaise sets in. Big buying spurt in January when prices were low $30's an oz. not out of the ordinary for february to tail off. Add Jan and Feb together and they would make a good two month salesconsumer sentiment dropped like the proverbial rock in Jan and Feb. No mas dinero in the average buyers pockets at the present time. Gas prices going to $4 and $5 a gallon and inflation eating the paycheck. Unemployment benefits terminated for some. This takes hundreds of billions of FIAT out of the AE sales. While Feb is not over yet it could hit 2,000,000 sales. They may or may not pick up after April stack up which the prices are still under $40
--Sanju Sun Aug 12 09:34:12 2012

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