kirkis in the underworld
I must be a strange kid because I never had an evil monster creature that haunted me.

Instead, I got scared of the movie Poltergeist (which I haven't seen again to this day) and some war movie with Chuck Norris.
--The_Lex Wed Jun 13 09:40:23 2007
I remember thinking that I was more scared by "The Day After" (miniseries about a nuclear war and its after-effects) than I would be if I had seen it. Later, reading up on it, I realized no, my parents probably were smart to not let me see it...
--Kirk Wed Jun 13 09:56:44 2007
If you do decide to archive some pix to external storage, my only advice is to store them in a format which can be read natively. (i.e. not some proprietary backup or compressed format.)

Hmm... I wonder if there's a tool out there which will archive pix but keep a index of thumbnails so you can easily find the originals.

--ericball Wed Jun 13 11:16:46 2007
JPGs don't compress for crap, so it's pretty pointless to try.

My usual back up plan is straight file copy.
--Kirk Wed Jun 13 11:29:41 2007
DVDs don't last forever, so you might want to burn a couple of copies, and then copy those copies every few years... Just to be on the safe side.
--Dan V. Doogenheiser Wed Jun 13 12:32:49 2007
yeah, i was thinking about that

actually CD-ROMs might be a bit more durable.

Or maybe a cheap harddrive
--Kirk Wed Jun 13 14:06:03 2007
To guarantee that you won't lose the data, just simply print the photos out in binary and put it all in a fire-safe box.

That's what I do.
--Dan V. Doogenheiser Wed Jun 13 17:27:45 2007

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