daisies that shatter. a tornado with a halo.
The image that grabs me is "...people compressed into diamonds by the force..." Methinks there is a sermon there!
--YELM Fri Jun 22 07:20:19 2007
Nice photo of the bike path. I like the way the light falls.
--Max Fri Jun 22 08:57:49 2007
Did you know that there's another path (a dirt one, at that) nearby that you can take at least to Walden Pond, if not further.

I think it's an old railroad bed, from what I've heard.
--The_Lex Fri Jun 22 16:42:55 2007
Well, the minuteman was built over an old railroad bed, right...

Jonathan really wasn't up for offroad rollerblading ;-)
--Kirk Fri Jun 22 19:24:45 2007

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