robot street fight
At first, I was convinced you were on crack, as she was clearly spinning counter-clockwise. It couldn't be anything else but spinning counter clockwise.

I then read the rest of the entry, and gosh darn it if she wasn't spinning clockwise. And now, she's spinning clockwise, and I can't imagine how in the world I thought she was spinning the other way.


--Sean Conner Sat Jun 23 17:46:17 2007
I can't imagine her spinning counter-clockwise. WTF. I tried really hard to think about her arms switching their front-and-back orientation but it didn't work. Especially when I watch the legs; there's definitely some perspective cues there.
--Nick B Sat Jun 23 18:41:16 2007
OK, correction. When I scrolled down, there was a little pause, and it looked like she switched direction, just for a second.

Then it paused again and it was back to clockwise.

Probably because the perspective cues work the opposite way when it's just the legs at the top of the page; the foot being lower connotes "closer" on the bottom half of the screen, and "farther" on the top half.
--Nick B Sat Jun 23 18:43:57 2007
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All i can say is wow! How r u guys doing? Holy Shit mann… 200+ days RV’ing and i’m just checking it out now..i feel laikcng…is your cell # still the xxx-8703 ? You guys prob had birthdays on the road too…well happy b-day to both..When i first went to the site (9-12-11 7:34pm HST) i was looking like where’s steve wendys stuff?..then i realized it all is your webpage! with the pics of your dogs and all…i’ll start checking in with you guys more often now…i’ll email pics of Liko (son) and Lucky our Yellow Lab…take hows the RV holding up?…god bless…i'left this same message but it was on the Africa page? it came back with 0 responses and also awaiting something or other so i plastered it here too i went on a surf adventure with one of my pilot buddies ill write 2 u about that later
--Cora Sun Jan 6 08:54:11 2013

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