robot street fight
At first, I was convinced you were on crack, as she was clearly spinning counter-clockwise. It couldn't be anything else but spinning counter clockwise.

I then read the rest of the entry, and gosh darn it if she wasn't spinning clockwise. And now, she's spinning clockwise, and I can't imagine how in the world I thought she was spinning the other way.


--Sean Conner Sat Jun 23 17:46:17 2007
I can't imagine her spinning counter-clockwise. WTF. I tried really hard to think about her arms switching their front-and-back orientation but it didn't work. Especially when I watch the legs; there's definitely some perspective cues there.
--Nick B Sat Jun 23 18:41:16 2007
OK, correction. When I scrolled down, there was a little pause, and it looked like she switched direction, just for a second.

Then it paused again and it was back to clockwise.

Probably because the perspective cues work the opposite way when it's just the legs at the top of the page; the foot being lower connotes "closer" on the bottom half of the screen, and "farther" on the top half.
--Nick B Sat Jun 23 18:43:57 2007

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