I wonder if the part of the comic is true, that woman are likely to cherish their ability to be irrational, unreasonable and ruthless.

Every so often I hear a woman talk about PMS as "a time every month in which I can be myself" and I decide to remain celibate for another year.
--Nick B Wed Jun 27 11:49:59 2007
A. I'm not sure if it's "cherish" so much as "dislike being manipulated by others", even if it's in the name or rationality.
B. I'm not sure where "unreasonable" and "ruthless" got into the mix.
C. I don't see "in which I can be myself" being that different from the typical guy refrain of "letting it all hang out" or what not.
D. I think most guys who assume they are rational and logical give short shrift to the way brain chemistry et al can sway judgement and mood, maybe because they don't have the more blatant physiological tie-ins to make. I don't know if there's any kind of cycle to it, but I'm aware that some days I just feel a bit blue, or unreasonably happy and content, and its pretty independent of actual circumstance.
E. As for myself, I try to have a balanced outlook so that any decision to remain celibate or not actually is closer to being "my decision" ;-)
--Kirk Wed Jun 27 12:25:18 2007

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